Tanfield Angling Club is the oldest private fly fishing club in Wensleydale.

The club has 6 miles on the River Ure of reputably the finest fly fishing in the North of England . Both the water quality and abundant fly life offer sport with both dry and wet flies. Additionally there is a superb head of grayling for winter fishing.

North country Spiders

We stock the river annually from our own hatchery, managed by our Full time River Keeper who not only looks after the hatchery but the river and banks as well.

The Fishing

Map of the beats
Caught May 2018

Offering prime trout and grayling angling, the river is mostly fishable from both banks. Each beat has its own interesting challenge with a diverse variety of runs, pools, riffles and glides, perfect for all traditional fly fishing techniques.

The River Ure

Our River keeper has a broad-ranging role looking after the river, the hatchery and the banks ensuring all members and guests have excellent fishing.

We stock the river at least every Spring with trout raised in our own hatchery. Improved maintenance of this site has ensured a healthy and abundant fish life in the river and many of the trout caught exceed 2lb and occasionally even 5lb.

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Walbran mentioned in Flydresser (Autumn 2016) 23.2.17

The Red Tag fly, designed by the founder of TAC, Maximillian Walbran, was mentioned in the 2016 Autumn edition of Flydresser (page 29). Apparently he had been recommended to try the fly ‘Worcester Gem’ on his Yorkshire rivers. He consequently then changed the name of the ‘Worcester Gem’ to ‘the Red Tag’ and first mentioned it …


The Yorkshire dales are justly famed for their beauty and variety. The Ure, in Wensleydale is one of the main North Yorkshire rivers that eventually flow into the Humber Estuary

The animal and bird life is abundant. Anglers experience not only peace but are accompanied by birdsong and animal life, in a stunning natural woodland setting. Animals and birds include Kingfishers, Oyster Catchers, Dippers, Wildfowl, otters and even lampreys.

The great landscape artist J M W Turner loved Yorkshire and painted several views of our river and the Dales countryside including Hack Falls on the River Ure  Hackfall Wood is itself a site of Special Scientific Interest Grade I in English Heritage’s Register and is overseen by the Woodland Trust see local map .


Secretary: Mr Stewart Houston CBE

Email: stewart@mpsagri.co.uk

mobile: 07803 988985